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Oil Money Out

In 2015, the California Council on Science and Technology Report was released - a two year, 1500 page independent scientific study - and revealed the highly toxic nature of oil extraction in the state of California. To guard public health, the study made clear recommendations to protect communities and our natural resources. However, irrespective of the science, none of the recommendations were implemented, leaving the public vulnerable to continued toxic exposures. Coincidentally, the oil industry has been spending record breaking amounts of money in lobbying, elections, and community projects. No industry should be allowed to pay to pollute and poison. This campaign has pressured numerous elected officials to stop taking oil money and has been extremely successful, inspiring the creation of the National No Fossil Fuel Pledge and the Oil Money Out resolution which was passed by the National Democratic Party to keep oil money out of politics. Visit Campaign.


Faith Against Fracking

Working with faith leaders and faith communities - we created Faith Against Fracking to pressure elected officials to get on board with protecting creation and build power in already organized communities of faith. A part of this campaign was a short film we created and showed at film festivals and in churches and other places of worship as an organizing tool. Because of the Pope’s release of the encyclical, we re-edited the film for a national audience. This campaign has helped to engage communities of faith, and build power against fossil fuel development as well as take action against climate change. Realizing that the problems of urban oil drilling, acidizing and other extreme extraction methods rival the toxicity of fracking, and in the interest of standing for something rather than against, we re-branded our Faith campaign as Faith for a Fossil Free Future. Visit Campaign.


Protect California Food

In the Central Valley, oilfield wastewater, which is filled with toxic chemicals, is being using to irrigate our food crops. Plans for the expansion of this practice are currently underway. There has been no comprehensive independent testing conducted to ensure these crops, or the farmworkers who work with them, are protected from the hundreds of dangerous chemicals used in oil operations, some of which are carcinogenic and toxic. We're tired of being lab rats in an oil and gas experiment, so we're calling on Governor Newsom and the State Water Board to end this practice immediately. Visit Campaign.


Health Over Profits

Profits must never compromise our well being. Everyone should have a job, but not at the risk of public health. The latest scientific data, combined with stories of health impacts from frontline community members, demonstrates the toxicity of oil extraction. It’s time policy decisions were made to protect public health from dangerous extraction practices as well as the toxic chemicals used routinely in drilling. The state of california has performed taxpayer funded studies which identify how proximity to oil operations increases the risk of health impacts, and recommend the implementation of human health and safety buffer zones. The study recommendations also threaten industry profits, so it is not surprising that years after state scientists identified these pathways for exposure and mandated health protections, nothing has been done, leaving the general public vulnerable to toxic exposure. This is unacceptable.


Building A Movement

Working with people who share common goals to win protections against corporations who prioritize profits over human health isn’t always easy. There are varying factors such as race, economic status, gender, and privilege, which can sometimes cause friction and derail efforts to bring people who share common values from coming together. Rootskeeper works with people, communities, activists, and frontline communities where they live, honoring and raising up marginalized voices, with an eye towards maximizing our shared values and working together for justice for all.

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Rootskeeper has been fighting fracking and other forms of extreme extraction in California since 2015. Everything we do is about working together, building people power, honoring independent science, fighting for common sense policy and shifting consciousness.


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