The Team

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David Braun

project director

David Braun co-founded Americans Against Fracking and New Yorkers Against Fracking, and also helped design and implement the successful campaign to ban fracking in the state of New York. In 2014, he relocated to California to fight fracking and other toxic oil and gas practices in his home state. Braun has since founded Rootskeeper a non- profit project that facilitates actions and builds an ever-expanding network of advocates statewide. Rootskeeper is a steering committee member of Californians Against Fracking, a coalition of over 200 organizations, and also works closely with the California Environmental Justice Coalition, with strong ties to many grassroots anti- fracking and environmental justice organizations. With Rootskeeper, Braun launched a number of statewide awareness campaigns including Protect California Food, Faith Against Fracking and Oil Money Out, People Power In, aimed at educating the general public on the negative effects of toxic oil and gas extraction methods on our food chain, and the industry’s influence respectfully. He produced and directed the short documentary film Faith Against Fracking, which has screened in film festivals and places of worship around the country as an organizing tool.

Apart from his advocacy work, Braun helped organize and spoke at Senator Bernie Sander’s Monterey press conference calling for a national ban on fracking during his 2016 presidential campaign.  In addition, he also helped organize a number of the Senator’s events in California focusing on the environment. He served as a member of the 2016 Democratic Platform Committee in Orlando, Florida, with the focus of adding language to the platform about Climate Change, sustainability and the environment. Previously, Braun was the grassroots coordinator for Josh Fox’s Academy Award nominated film Gasland and the follow-up Gasland II. Braun organized with prior to getting involved with fracking. Before hearing the call to save the planet, Braun was a partner in a successful New York events business.


Jessica Wohlander

director of operations

Jessica has been working as a community organizer since 2008, and is currently working for the coalition Californians Against Fracking. She received her Masters in International Development with a concentration in Sustainable Resource Management from The New School in 2014. Most recently she worked with Food & Water Watch both in their Brooklyn and California offices on growing the grassroots movement to ban fracking statewide and locally. Previously, Jessica was involved with a number of community development projects in the US and abroad. 


David Greenson

training director

David is a political organizer currently based in Asheville NC. For the last five years he worked at, as a National Field Organizer, Lead Organizer, and Grassroots Campaigner. At MoveOn, David identified, recruited, and trained hundreds of local volunteer leaders from within the ranks of MoveOn's membership. These leaders built over 30 local groups, developed their own strategic plans, and were coached to run their own local trainings. During his tenure, his turf doubled its number of active members, and carried out over 5000 successful actions. Prior to MoveOn, David spent 15 years in the worker cooperative movement, coordinating a worker­run small business and developing techniques for group facilitation and collaborative problem solving.