David braun, project director

David is a co­founder of Americans Against Fracking and New Yorkers Against Fracking, and recently relocated back to his home state of California to fight fracking and toxic oil and gas practices. Working closely with Californians Against Fracking, a coalition of over 200 organizations, David co­founded Rootskeeper, a non­profit project which facilitates grassroots action and builds power. As a part of this ongoing work, David has been organizing with grassroots activists, health professionals and faith leaders, and recently directed the film Faith Against Fracking which has been screening in places of worship as well as film festivals. While in New York, David founded and worked with several grassroots anti­fracking organizations including United for Action, Sane Energy Project, among others and helped design and implement the successful campaign calling for a ban on fracking. Previously, he was the grassroots coordinator for the films, GASLAND and GASLAND II. Before working on the fracking issue, he organized with MoveOn and has also engaged with numerous other social, environmental and economic justice campaigns. Before hearing the call to save the planet, David was a partner in a successful events business in NYC. 


Jessica wohlander, director of operations

Jessica has been working as a community organizer since 2008, and is currently working for the coalition Californians Against Fracking. She received her Masters in International Development with a concentration in Sustainable Resource Management from The New School in 2014. Most recently she worked with Food & Water Watch both in their Brooklyn and California offices on growing the grassroots movement to ban fracking statewide and locally. Previously, Jessica was involved with a number of community development projects in the US and abroad. 


david greenson, training director

David is a political organizer currently based in Asheville NC. For the last five years he worked at MoveOn.org, as a National Field Organizer, Lead Organizer, and Grassroots Campaigner. At MoveOn, David identified, recruited, and trained hundreds of local volunteer leaders from within the ranks of MoveOn's membership. These leaders built over 30 local groups, developed their own strategic plans, and were coached to run their own local trainings. During his tenure, his turf doubled its number of active members, and carried out over 5000 successful actions. Prior to MoveOn, David spent 15 years in the worker cooperative movement, coordinating a worker­run small business and developing techniques for group facilitation and collaborative problem solving.